If you notice amd Boost Clock, this user guide should help.

Ryzen Amplification works according to the graph of available thermal headroom and performance (from VRM). It is brought to the maximum clock frequency under light and jerky loads and each time on a specific core. As the computational load increases due to multiple threads of execution, the viability of many cores drops to an average clock speed.

Ryzen Clock Speed Issues – But Mostly AMD Or Lawyers

AMD’s promise to fix a clock speed bug is often big, but what if it isn’t? t What job? If we continue to have the same problems for a few more months, is there no end in sight?

What Should We Expect For Clock Speed Gains?

When workloads get much more intense and need a boost/ spike in overall performance, the processor increases the number of cycles it processes (i.e. increases its frequency) roughly every second depending on its hardware configuration, arctic headroom, and power controls.

Precision Boost And Precision Overdrive Boost

Precision Overdrive Boost savesmuch of the automated intelligence and acceleration generated by the Ryzen processor. Therefore, AMD claims to give the user the best of both worlds: on the one hand, it gives my user the ability to maximize superior cooling to achieve higher overall performance, and on the other hand, our algorithm will always strive to use the ideal performance under various workloads. In fact, a valuable advantage of Precision Boost Overdrive is that it increases the maximum frequency both for a single core and for all cores. This does not apply to core overclocking, since the user usually has to give one core a higher frequency.

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