In this user guide, we are going to identify some of the possible causes that may cause the h100i pro v2 to trip and then show possible solutions to fix them.

Conclusion: Comparison Of H100i Pro And H100i Pro. The H100i V2 Is Priced Right?

$120 is a lot of money. Corsair’s own H100i v2 is much more affordable (at the time of writing), the EVGA CLC 280 is more efficient on noise-to-heat ratio alone and also generally underpriced, and the Corsair H115i is similarly priced to the H100i Pro here /p>

Instructions And User Manuals For Corsair H100i V2. We Suffer 1 Corsair H100i V2 Manual Available For Free Download In PDF Format: Quick Guide

Will the Corsair H100i leak?

Corsair has advised buyers of the H100i RGB Platinum SE closed loop liquid coolers to pay close attention to their batch discount code after a green coolant leak from a bad batch was found.

Wide CPU Compatibility

In addition, Corsair H100i v2, H115i RGB PLATINUM have excellent model compatibility. Both AIO water coolers can be compatible with Intel and AMD processors. However, there is a minimal difference in the output of a particular motherboard. EUIf you have an AM4 motherboard (Ryzen processors), the H100i v2 will not support your motherboard out of the box. AM4 compatibility requires purchase of CW-8960046 Bracket for an additional $5. Otherwise, you should always check yourself to see if your processor is compatible. If the new processor is a newer model, this is most likely the tool.

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