In some cases, your system may give you an error about how to compress a video using Quicktime. There can be several reasons for this problem.

Open your video file that you finally want to compress.Go to File > Export As > whichever option you like.If you chose 1080p, try turning on the “Use HEVC” option (it’s a compression codec that uses .h265) for better results.

you In Compressor, some built-in settings from the Type Settings window come into play, including YouTube and Facebook, ProRes proxy settings, and Movie Quicktime format. This file encodes for video files many proxy workflows in Final Cut Pro. Optimized, see Create a proxy for additional files in Final Cut Pro.

Settings Based on Movie Data Format Quicktime offers a variety of encoders that add H.264 and HEVC high performance video (also called H.265 encoding). you When you add a setting, possibly based on QuickTime movies, to help the job, Compressor chooses the correct codec. Can a person change the codec in Video the Inspector? iPadOS or twelfthThere are later versions of TvOS or 11 and later.)

Note. You can also create custom settings that use the QuickTime movie transcoding format, including settings that use the HEVC encoder type. However, the built-in options analyze the source of your media and delegate the best properties to ensure the best transcoding results.

Properties created with built-in help and custom settings using this skill format can be found in the General, Video, and Audio inspectors (described below).

Settings Summary

Displays the settings name of the Compressor transcoding format and uses an estimate of the output file type. If you add a task parameter or change any properties of our this parameters, the summary will automatically update.

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General Properties

  • Name: Displays the name of the new display setting.

  • Description: Displays a description of the option.

  • Extension: displays the output file extension (.mov).

  • Enable task segmentation. If you have customized choiceRigid calculations, select this check box to have the Compressor solution generate an output file with the computer group included. For more information, see Recoding Large Packets with Computer Compressor.

  • Default Save Location: Click on an item in the pop-up timeline to set the default save location for transcoded files.

  • Format. Use the context menu to specify whether video processing includes video and audio, basic or audio only.

  • Optimize for online editing. Check this box to create a brand new file which will then play after a small part of my file is uploaded to the edit network.

  • Re-sync Algorithm

    Indicates the processing used to adjust the frame rate using transcoding. Choose one of the important options:

  • Set Percent Source With: Changes base velocity clips to a very large percentage of base velocity clips. Enter a value in the amount field select or prA predefined value in an adjacent popup (with a down arrow window).

  • Set: Sets the duration of the clip. Enter the duration of the timecode in the field, click or on the arrows, increase to or even decrease the duration.

  • In this way, the original frames are played back with destructive frames] [fps: no increases the playback speed of the movie without deleting or creating new frames. This property has no effect unless the Inspector’s frame rate value in the video refers only to the frame rate of the source file. For example, if you’re adding a gorgeous 10-second 24 fps source file to the Compressor, currently set the Frame Rate property in the Video inspector to 25 fps, and then select Source. Read the 25 fps score frames” in the inspector, in total the resulting length of my transcoded movie (at 25 fps) will probably be 9 seconds and 18 frames.

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  • Metadata

    Specifies how the metadata will be embeddedin transcode. See Using Compressor annotation metadata in.

  • Use job markup inclusion. metadata Basic job markup is inserted into the job inspector. In particular, the default value.

  • how to compress a video with quicktime

    Manual file metadata transfer source: Existing metadata from the source to the transcode file for. annotations Ignores jobs found in the Job the Listed Inspector.

  • Remove all metadata except annotations: metadata is not transferred to the purchased file.

  • Include source document metadata that cannot be displayed as a standalone Annotation available: use for work, annotations for work selected. Includes metadata from the job annotations listed at the bottom of the job inspector and passes existing metadata from the source story to the transcoding process.

  • Video Properties

  • Enable YouTube video streaming. Check this box to copy these unedited source video files to your holiday destinations. If this one is checked, you will see all other settings in the properties sectionvideo.images:

  • Type use this context menu to specify the image size (resolution) of the actual output file. An introduction to image resizing in Compressor. There are four categories to choose from:

  • Automatic: Adjusts output based on input range and may eventually be “limited” to be the best resolution.

  • Percentage. The output is adjusted based on a single percentage of the input.

  • Manual: Forces the image to be displayed at a specific resolution.

  • Restricted: Restrict output to new sides by ratio.

  • Pixel aspect ratio: use the dedicated context menu to set the pixel aspect ratio type (the ratio between the encoded width and the exposure screen width).

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    Note. property This can be set if Frame Size is set to another value, either manual or limited.

  • Time to use the frame. In this context menu, you can set the overall playback speed (number of frames displayed per second).seconds) for the output file. See Sync Compressor Recovery Options at.

  • Field Order: Use this pop-up to specify the approach to digitizing the output (either field dominance or selling to progressive digitization). At the end there are options:

  • Automatic: The four most select the appropriate point order based on the set of input fields and the capabilities of the selected codec.

  • how to compress a video with quicktime

    Progressive: The graph is displayed in full in filled frames, with all lines digitized at the appropriate time.

  • Back to top First things first: Tutorial displays the tutorial interleaved and as two separate interleaved fields. The field containing the top line (even lines) is usually selected earlier at the same time as the field containing the bottom line (odd lines). p>

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