If you know how to draw vertical and horizontal lines in Word error code, today’s article is designed to help you.

Please note:This account is for users of the following versions of Microsoft Word: 2007, Year, 2013, 2016, 2019, and Word via Office 365. If you’re using an older version (Word 2003 older), this trick might actually work for you. To view the version below, written specifically for earlier versions of Word, click here: Vertical lines in Word.

how to draw vertical and horizontal lines in word

Some documents may require Add vertical lines. There are usually four or five ways for your business to do this in Word. Which method you choose depends on your document and your needs, and which one works best for you.

Draw Line Tab

How do you draw a vertical line in Word?

Select the paragraph from which you want to add a useful line.go to Feed > Home.At the end of the dialog box, click Tabs.In the “Remove Tab Position” field, enter the position where you want the vertical line to be displayed.areaIn Alignment, click the Panel button.

  1. Show ribbon insertion.
  2. Click on the Shapes tool, then look at one of the straight lines from the Lines group. The tip turns the mouse into a crosshair that looks like a big plus sign.
  3. Just click at the end of the desired line, but don’t release the mouse button.
  4. Drag the mouse pointer to where you want to position the other end of the line.
  5. Release the PC button.
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Use Tab Stops

The second tab method uses stripes. You can see what they look like by doing the following:

  1. Select a paragraph line, or which will contain stripes.
  2. On the Home tab, view the ribbon type.
  3. Click on the small icon in the lower right corner of the paragraph group. The Paragraph dialog box appears. Currently
  4. Click the tabs button in the bottom leftcorner to open the dialog box, Word will display a new tabbed dialog box. (See Figure 1.)
  5. Fig. 1. Chat window with tabs.

  6. In the “Enter Tabs Stop Position” package, the horizontal size corresponding to where you want the bar to go. Thus, if you want the product In 2ches from the left field, you must enter In 2 la in the appropriate field.
  7. Press the remote control lock button.
  8. Click Install. (The “Set” button will probably not be active until you enter as a dimension, shown in step 5.)
  9. Repeat 5 of 7 steps for other restaurant addresses.
  10. If you’re sure you’re done, click OK.

Tab stops are a single black transition point. (You can’t change the line thickness or color.)

Use Frame

Another technique that works great when you want a line to display correctly next to a paragraph is frames:

  1. Place the insertion point relative to a paragraph of text if you want to highlight the entire paragraph.
  2. ByeClick the Home tab on the ribbon.
  3. Next to the program, click “Restrictions” on my down arrow under the “Paragraph” group in. offers word a drop-down list of options.
  4. Choose this left-to-right border or right-to-right border depending on your preference. Add the word “national borders” to the left or right of the paragraph, as you see fit.
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Lines Between Columns

If your document has different columns and you need vertical lines between columns, someone can follow these steps:

  1. Select the following desired item in the text message columns. you (If you don’t complete this step, your entire section or post will be formatted as columns. Tab)
  2. show Layout ribbon.
  3. Click the Area Columns tool in Layout, then click More Columns. Displays the “Columns” dialog box. (See Figure 2.)
  4. Fig. 2. Columns dialog box.

  5. Enter a number after the columns you want to format this particular text.
  6. Make sure “Align Input” is checked.
  7. Click OK.

Using Arrays

how to draw vertical and horizontal lines in word

The last way to create a vertical system is to use tables. Although it may seem a bit complicated, it is ideal for small pieces of text. Use this method now, follow these general steps:

  1. Create another table with one row, but with as many columns as needed to separate the text.
  2. Select a board.
  3. Make sure the cost table shows ribbon.
  4. Click on the tool defined “Frame” (in the coffee table group “And Styles”), select “No Frame”. Click on it.
  5. Use the “Frame” tool again, and then simply select “Inside Vertical Box”.
  6. Enter the contents of each into a cell in the current spreadsheet.

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How do you draw a horizontal line in Word?

Open his document.Select the Insert tab, then Shapes.Under buy the style you want.When you see the document, choose where you want the string to be.to draw a line, hold and drag the cursor and release this element to complete it.

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